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As part of thinking about green and healthy solutions for a warming world and a shortage of food for humans and animals in the coming years, Orly Cactus Farm is looking for partners all over the world, to establish a prickly pear farm.

Over the past 17 years, the farm has developed patented varieties of prickly pear.

There are many advantages to the farm varieties, including:

  1. Long breeding period

  2. Small seeds which do not cause constipation problems in the stomach.

  3. A minority thorns on the fruit and the branches.


Why should you start a farm in different parts of the world:

  1. The prickly pear needs ש small amount of water compared to other fruits and is probably not expected to be harmed in the coming years by global warming.

  2. In addition, it can grow in hot climates and wherever temperatures are above 6 degrees.

  3. You can use all parts of the plant, branches, fruits, seeds, flowers.

  4. It is superfood. According to various studies done in the world, it contains many health properties.

  5. Simple to grow.

  6. Animals can be fed in bulk as fodder to replace about 30 percent of the food given today.

  7. The prickly pear branches have properties like the programming of the Aloe vera plant in skin care.

  8. It is possible to produce Biogas from the prickly pear branches.

  9. prickly pear has been used as food in Mexico for thousands of years, and it has a large audience in the world that knows it.

  10. The prickly pear bears fruit even decades after planting.


Our farm has a development center that produces dozens of different products from all parts of the animal. You can find juices, powders, salads, safflower seed oil, fresh fruit, and branches for eating, and more.

Humans and animals consume the prickly pear's branches and fruit in large quantities.

According to existing studies, the market for prickly pears and prickly pear products in the world will grow greatly in the coming years, so if you wish to join the success, if you wish to be a part of the solutions to hunger in different parts of the world, please get in touch.

Landowners, farms, farmers, agricultural offices around the world, and anyone interested in entering the agricultural field will find it useful. Additionally, we are interested in managing farms for investors in the food sector.

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