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The fruit (tunas) and the branches (nopal) are unique and of a high quality when compared to others globally, and are grown organically without chemicals or pesticides. The new varieties have become the base to create new dishes and nutritional products. Both the fruit and the green branches can be eaten as everyday fresh produce. Both the fruit and the vegetable (branches) are harvested throughout the year. Compared to other produce, the cost of production is relatively low, albeit with a high yield and quality. The new cactus (both fruit and the vegetable) should be a daily ingredient in food preparations, especially for overweight populations, children, the elderly or those suffering from diabetes. The qualities of the new cactus lead it to be desirable as a basic food item, and should be added to the typical foods consumed by people around the world as part of a balanced diet.


“Orly Cactus” has a research and development unit for food production. Products we have developed include confectioneries, ice creams, milk based puddings, pickles, salads, juices, frozen branches ready for cooking, pulp of branches and fruit pulp. Additionally, bread, breakfast snacks and baked goods. Used as an additive for nutritional purposes (to lower fat and sugar) to prepared dishes, meat and milk products. The new cactus has an inert taste, and it lends itself to endless diverse flavors. It has a unique physiology which lends itself to easy blending with the food industry. The new cactus answers the needs of the global market, as it is grown organically, does not require pesticides or herbicides that would affect local groundwater. The fruit also has a heavier mass in compared to traditional fruit - the production potential is clear. Additionally it requires a smaller amount of water by a large margin compared to other fruit production. From an agro-technical perspective, it can be grown in a variety of climates around the world, to be grown as the main produce on large fields or to be an “add-on” to existing produce being grown, with intensive irrigation or relying on natural precipitation.

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Cactus ​is The food of the future for healthy living, weight loss and dealing with diabetes.
The organic cactus produce, as proven in laboratory studies using animals and many human clinical trials, is a supplement to a balanced healthy diet in treatment of diabetes, high levels of cholesterol in the blood, weight loss, pain relief, stomach ulcers, even hangovers and constipation. Additionally it has antibiotic and antiviral qualities and can help reduce the risk of cancer. The prickly pear fruit is not acidic, and has a pH of approximately 6. The cactus fruit has high nutritional value, including fiber and antioxidants and carotenoids. Used properly, the prickly pear fruit has the potential to fill many of one’s nutritional requirement.


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