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Tours and workshops 

Orly's farm visitor center - a one of a kind experience.

We host groups for a fascinating tour of the agricultural story of the State of Israel,

combined with a taste of the farm's variety of products in a 45-minute tour.

Cooking Workshop

In the workshop we will learn to use the raw materials of the prickly pear. we will prepare first courses, main courses, salads, drinks and desserts.


All dishes are based on healthy ingredients and mostly on the prickly pear on its fruits and branches.

Breakfast / lunch

The farm serves full meals for groups only by prior arrangement.

Meals include a rich buffet of dishes based entirely on the fruit and vegetable of the prickly pear.


Minimum diners - 50 people.

Farm tour 

The tour includes:

Visit the plantation - walk along the plantation and explain the special prickly pear varieties.

Visit the packing house - an explanation of the process of transferring the sap fruit from the plantation to the packing house, handling it in the packing house and sending it to marketers and more...

At the end of the tour, visitors will be served sweet and cold prickly pear ande a tasting buffet of farm products.

The tour is about 45 minutes.

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