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100% prickly pear fruit, powder from 300 grams fresh red prickly pear fruit for a total of 20 grams natural fruit powder.

Created using technology that preserves the components of the fresh fruit.

Dissolve in 150 cc’s cold or room temperature water and wait five or ten minutes.

Or you can mix with milk, frozen yogurt, drizzle over cakes or for everyday drinking.

The prickly pear fruit is grown in the Ramat Negev region, and is under the kashrut of Merom Galil.

Contains E551 to prevent caking.

Scientific information on the contributions of the prickly pear fruit to one’s health and nutrition.


Prickly pears are the newest superfood for healthy living, weight loss and treating diabetes.


Prickly pears have been proven in clinical studies to be an important part of a diet to treat diabetes, cholesterol,

weight loss, pain relief, ulcers and even hangovers and constipation.


Additionally, they have antibiotic and antiviral qualities and can help reduce the risk of cancer.

Prickly pears are high in fiber, antioxidants and carotenoids and are not acidic.


Used properly, prickly pears can fulfill many daily nutrient requirements.


Directions for use: Dissolve one packet (?) in 150 ml cold or room temperature water or milk and wait five to ten minutes

before drinking. You can also mix the powder with frozen yogurt or use it to drizzle over cakes.

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